Electronic Led Mosquito Killer Lamps Super Trap Mosquito Killer Machine For Home An Insect Killer Electric Mosquito Killer DeviceTrap Machine Eco-Friendly Baby Mosquito Repellent Lamp

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Apply To Living Room
??Connect The Plug With The USB Port
??Mosquito Killer
??Rated Voltage : 220V100~220V
??Rated Power : 5W

Apply to living room, kitchen, bedroom, office, yoga centers, hospitals, car
??With no involvement of toxic chemical pesticides,it is safe,
??without any harm to body health
??meanwhile whisper-quiet, which does not affect your sleep at all.
??Connect the plug with the USB Port.
??Put theelectric mosquito killerone meter off the ground. It works better when no body.
??Pressing the button on the top of the device, then the light will open and the fan will work.
??Turn on the storage box in counterclockwise and remove the mosquito dead body with brush. Suggest 3-5days to clean the storage box once.
??Please don’t place theelectric mosquito killerunder strong light or strong wind.
??Rated Voltage : 220V100~220V
??Rated Power : 5W

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